Google Recognizes National Voter Registration Day With Doodle


Clicking on the doodle will lead you to how to register to vote.

SEP 26, 2016 – Google is honoring National Voter Registration Day with a Doodle and if you click on it, it takes you to links on how you can check your voter registration status, links to local election websites, and of course how to register to vote. JTMP urges everyone to check their voter registration status, update any personal info like your address, and register to vote if you are not registered yet. This election is very crucial, and local elections matter too, for the state legislatures will set up the cannabis dispensaries not the Feds. You can also register to vote right here on our website, using the form in the righthand column. Google also has a cool “How To Vote” for each state, check that out here.



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