Musical-Activist Wants to Protect Cannabis from “Big Pot”

NOV 2, 2015 – Avid cannabis smoker and musical-activist Willie Nelson told, “I’ve smoked enough and I want to give back”, in a great behind-the-scenes interview of Willie’s cannabis strain “Willie’s Resereve” and how it all came about. Here is an excerpt:

“The first thing you notice when you smoke weed with Willie Nelson is how much weed Willie Nelson smokes. Lots of stoners get high all day, but Nelson’s intake is stratospheric. At any given moment, he will have multiple joints burning, along with an assortment of vapes and pipes, all of which he seems to puff simultaneously like one of those multi­armed Hindu gods, whiffing and wheezing through the fog as if trying to minimize his exposure to fresh air.”

“I basically ran through a PowerPoint — what we think the opportunity is, how we go about it, the next steps,” Davison recalled. “And at the end, Willie looked at me and said, ‘That’s great, but I want to tell you my values.’ And so he proceeded to lay them out. He talked about social justice, and growing up on a dirt floor, and his connection to all sorts of different disadvantaged communities, and he pointed out that there are plenty of enterprising black entrepreneur kids who are in jail for doing what we’re doing. Then he said, ‘I really believe in the environmental aspect of this. It’s a great way to revitalize small farms, and I want to make sure that any product we grow is as clean as we can make it and that, wherever possible, we’re trying to lower the environmental impact of our operations.”

(photo credit:Mike Prosser/CC)

Read the interview HERE.


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