Mythbusters TV Show Star Calls For More Funding for Music in Tampa Bay Times Interview


May 21, 2015 – Adam Savage, star of one of my favorite TV shows Mythbusters, was giving an interview to Sharon Kennedy Wynee of the Tampa Bay Times and was commenting on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and school tests, and said that if we want to raise kid’s school test scores we need to increase funding for the arts in school, such as band class. Adam said, “If you want the kids’ test scores up, bring back band and bring back shop and get kids actually learning stuff instead of teaching them how to take a test…because you need art in there to complete an education.” We at JTMP totally agree 100%. Contact your state and federal representatives and demand more funding for the arts in education. (photos by Jan Arkestejni & porkrind/CC)

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4 thoughts on “Mythbusters Adam Savage: “If You Want Kid’s Test Scores Up, Bring Back Band Class!””
    1. The elementary school where several of my grandchildren attend will no longer give out E’s for excellence to the kindergarteners because if they did it would reduce the amount of money they receive from the state of Iowa. We have a Republican governor…you know, the people that preach about smaller government and the same ones that promote these kinds of ideas on how to teach our children. If this same kind of thinking follows through to grades 1-12 in how many A’s are given out this is going to have a negative affect on who gets into college eventually, based on transcripts. Funny, we didn’t need any stupid government interference when I went to school and we did just fine. I am 63 now and what I am seeing of government interference in education is appalling. When a child’s education is affected negatively by how much money the government hands out to school districts we are in serious trouble. How did people like you and I ever make it, Adam, without all this “help” from government. Gee, you think it had something to do with the quality of parenting we received?

      1. You make some good points Larry, but I feel you are being disingenuous, you really want to say something else but you are holding back. There are no schools in my area “giving Es”, and I have never heard of what you speak of. Perhaps you “read about it on the Internet” or one of our buddies sent you an email. Parenting plays a role, but so does the community and the government. “Stupid government interference” has led to many great things, and made us a great country. Perhaps you can go live in a country with no “stupid government interference”. I heard Somalia is like that, try there. We Progressives believe the government should “provide for the general welfare”, which includes education, access to health care, and more. Thanks for the comment!

      2. By the way Larry, that “elementary school where several of [your] grandchildren attend” is a public school run by the government in the first place. So how can the government “stupidly interfere” with something they already control? The government is made up of people in your community. Run for the School Board and change it. The government is not an alien occupying force. Like I said, you are being disingenuous, all you want to do is get on the Internet and vent your hatred. Come out and say what you really want to say, which is probably some rant about “the federal government”, and you want to be left alone. Well, we are a Federal Republic my friend, and the Federal government has power OVER the states. Look up The Whiskey Rebellion. The Article of Confederation were superseded by the US Constitution a long time ago my friend, where have you been?

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