Bloggers and Small Orgs Left Out of Corporate “Greenwashing”

April 19, 2015 – JTMP always attends every Earth Day rally and concert event that comes to town here in DC ever since it was launched, and this year we applied for media passes and headed down with our video cameras and equipment just like we always did. Unfortunately, when we got to the event, we were told by that we could not film any video, we were not allowed on the risers, we couldn’t get near the stage for the first song for any pictures, there would be no interviews, and we could just roam amongst the crowd like anybody else and that’s it. It seems that this Earth Day 2015 event was completely taken over by corporations, and turned out to be one big infomercial for the corporations various supposedly “green” products, like the actor from “Frozen” pitching Neutrogena’s new “Natural’s” disposal makeup remover to the Twittering masses (video below). It is called “Greenwashing”; these corporations are being disingenuous, they don’t care about the environment really, their main motive is to sell a product and make a profit of course.

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]

The event was supposed to be put on by Earth Day Network and Global Poverty Project, but it was really run by Citibank, Clear Channel, iHeart Radio, and other various corporations that hijacked the day to run their Greenwashing infomercial videos throughout the day. Did I mention Google/YouTube helped run the show too? How convenient. Oh, and we can solve world poverty not by joining the Peace Corps and digging a well, we can just play Angry Birds.

JTMP hopes that next Earth Day event in DC will get back to a non-profit angle, and let’s try to save the Earth, not sell more products. JTMP recommends not necessarily switching from “non-green” products to supposed “green” products; we can choose to not buy ANY “products” and consume less. JTMP recommends doing something locally and “on-hand”, and go out a clean a creek or something. Read more on the reactions on how Earth Day “went corporate” and is taking part in all this Greenwashing on here, and here.


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