Greatest Rock Group in the Galaxy Recognized for Charity Work

MARCH 19, 2015 – The power rock trio from Canada, RUSH, received the 2015 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award at the “Junos” this past weekend for their constant work with charity and helping those out those less fortunate than them. The Allan Waters Humanitarian Award “recognizes an outstanding Canadian artist whose humanitarian contributions have positively contributed to the social fabric of Canada“. They do it very quietly (you won’t find pictures of them with big checks), they do it locally, and they give till it hurts (and they still pay high Canadian taxes to support social services too!). Geddy’s parents are Auschwitz survivors and Alex’ parents went through World War 2 in Yugoslavia before coming to America, and Neil toured Africa on bicycle in the 1980s, so they know how bad things can get for some people. RUSH started with their charity work at their early shows asking fans to donate to the food banks of Canada, and has expanded into holding benefit charity concerts and helping a museum open. Geddy and the boys work covers a wide range of issues, and is focused sometimes through the Canadian chapter of Grapes for Humanity, an organization which helps out after disasters and restores human dignity, as well as helping them become self-sufficient. Geddy Lee accepted the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award, and said, “It’s one thing to be honoured with an award that celebrates an achievement in one’s work, as you can justify the slight embarrassment of its acceptance with the knowledge that it’s something you have spent your entire life perfecting, but it’s quite another kind of thing to accept an honour for doing something that SHOULD be a natural part of how we all decide to run our lives, and that is the helping of others that are less fortunate than ourselves.” Well said Geddy, we agree. If you want to help out also check out the Grapes of Humanity website here: Watch a video below from The Juno Awards that goes over their tremendous charity work over the 40 decades of being the Greatest Rock Group in the Galaxy! (But I’m biased…lol)

Read more on the Rush Website HERE:

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