FEB 18, 2015 – Sleater-Kinney, one of the very first bands that JTMP interviewed and was in our early PSAs and “Rock Your Rights” DVDs (see video below), is making a comeback and has a cool write-up on the Junkee website. Estelle Tang writes about their early career and the mix of politics, activism and “no bull rock music”, and even interviews the band. Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Corin Tucker tells Estelle, “I’m just a really opinionated person, I think, and I’m interested in voices that we might not otherwise hear from.” Watch Sleater-Kinney in an early JTMP PSA video below, and check out the whole article on Junkee by Estelle Tang here.
[youtube width=”420″ height=”230″]http://youtu.be/krtekkbYvik[/youtube]


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