Rock The Net Campaign Launched

FEB 6, 2015 – The Future of Music Coalition is an organization that works with musicians, artists, experts, advocates and more to help artists flourish and assure they are compensated fairly, and they use forums, events, education, advocacy and research to assure musicians have a say in their future. Currently they have decided to take a stand on Net Neutrality, supporting it wholeheartedly pointing out that the recent FCC decision striking down Net Neutrality would mean someday you could log on to your favorite band’s website and their video loads slow because they can’t afford to pay the “toll” to the big Internet Service Providers. Many artists and bands will struggle trying to pay the outrageous “tolls” to the monopoly being formed in collusion by the top Internet Service Providers.  We at JTMP also support Net Neutrality, and invite our supporters to sign the petition for Net Neutrality at the FreePress website here.

For more information on the Future of Music Coalition’s “Rock The Net” campaign, check out what R.E.M., Pearl Jam, OK Go, The Wrens and other artists are saying about Net Neutrality, check out this Rock The Net PDF brochure HERE, and check out the Future of Music Coalition’s website here.


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