Partners with Art Not War for “Run Warren Run” Campaign

Elizabeth Warren 2012, Credit: TWP/CC
Elizabeth Warren 2012, Credit: TWP/CC

FEB 2, 2015 – ART NOT WAR, the progressive media agency that handles all of’s media from TV ads to viral Internet videos, has formed “ARTISTS FOR WARREN” and plans to “draft” Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016. They say on their website, “Look, we know–Elizabeth Warren might say she’s not running for President. But if there’s ever been a time we needed a voice like hers in the conversation–one that lays down the righteous truth about Wall Street corruption and how to bring our country to a place where working Americans are given a fair shake in a 1% world–it’s now.” Mark Ruffalo is also part of ARTISTS FOR WARREN and will be out front, along with Winnie Wong, for their “RUN WARREN RUN” campaign.

Check out the ARTISTS FOR WARREN website here, and check back with JTMP as we will report on this as it develops and grows. Read a good piece by Joe Pompeo on Vanity Fair titled, “Why Mark Ruffalo, Kim Gordon, and the Other Cool Kids Want Elizabeth Warren to Run” here. Watch the powerful and awesome video by ART NOT WAR called “Run Warren Run!” by below. (photo credit: TWP/CC)

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One thought on ““Artists For Warren” Plans to Draft Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016”
  1. I’ve been following Senator Elizabeth Warren’s political activities for several years. I believe Hillary Clinton has outlived her usefulness.She was a so-so first lady and a fair Secretary of State. I supported President Obama from the outset of the 2008 campaign.I believe that Senator Warren is the logical successor to carry on President Obama’s agenda. The Clinton’s and the Bush’s need to retire from politics. I don’t like either family. As far as I’m concerned, Bill Clinton was the worst Democratic President in the last 100 years. George W. Bush was the worst president ever!! Hilary needs experience as a grandmother.

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