Miley Cyrus Raises Awareness of Homeless


AUG 25, 2014 – Miley Cyrus won the 2014 VMA Video of the Year Award for “Wrecking Ball” last night and used the moment to raise awareness about homelessness. Many thought Miley had taken a wrecking ball to her career 10 months ago, and some even thought she was finished, but she has not only wowed the world with her career soaring but she surprised a lot of people again last night by taking Jesse, a homeless youth, as her “date” to the VMA show and sending him to accept the award on stage for her. Julie Gerstein on BuzzFeed has some great pics, gifs and more.

Miley has been real busy with her activism when it comes to raising awareness and helping homeless youth. She has launched a Prizeo “Win a VIP Concert Experience in Rio with Miley Cyrus” campaign (partying with Miley in Rio??!! omfg…), and to enter she asks that you help out the homeless center for youth, “My Friend’s Place”, her pet cause right now, and a great one. Check out My Friends Place Facebook Page here, and please help out if you can on their website here.  (photo credits: Miley and Roadie/Mike Schmid/CC and

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