AUG 7, 2014 – Activist, meditation enthusiast and music mogul Russell Simmons and his debit card company RushCard are launching the “RushCard’s Keep the Peace” initiative campaign to help prevent what they see as the leading problems with our youth: poverty, lack of opportunity and an incarceration rate disproportionately affecting African-American youth. Simmons and Rush Card’s campaign will provide grants to various non-profit organizations out there on the front lines fighting youth poverty and violence with new and innovative ways. 5 organizations have been picked so far in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. In a press release Russell Simmons said, “Reducing violence among our young people in urban neighborhoods has always been one of my important focuses.” Simmons also spoke of the organizations and individuals doing the hard work saying, “I consider [them] to be unsung heroes in the cause to bring peace to our neighborhoods. I have witnessed firsthand their tireless work to heal our communities. I am so pleased that RushCard is supporting these initiatives  in cities across the country.” Thank RushCard for stepping up on their Facebook Page here, and read the press release about the “Keep the Peace Initiative” on here.  (photo credit: Brett Weinstein/CC)


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