Dancers’ Alliance, an organization that seeks to strengthen unions and look after the economic rights of their fellow music video dancers, has launched a “DO NOT SELF SUBMIT” campaign aimed at educating and empowering music video dancers about their economic power and rights. Dancers’ Alliance wants to let dancers be aware that if they self submit an application for a music video role online they lose a lot of economic bargaining power, and Dancers Alliance says it also disrespects their profession. They stress using an agent and use unions like SAG-AFTRA and others to assure you have your economic rights respected. Corporations do it all day long on Capitol Hill, and workers have that right also. They have used their Facebook Page to point out recent music videos by artists that are using ALL UNION dancers such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and the new Michael Jackson and JT video “Love Never Felt So Good”. Check out the Dancers Alliance Facebook Page here, and read more on here.


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