August 9, 2013 – JTMP has been posting recently about Americans making mistakes and needing justice and second chances, and The American Scholar website has a great article out really delving into the issue. With the Internet, where people's lives get splayed out permanently for all the world to see, it is especially important for people to be able to get that second chance and move on with their lives. They discuss how 30 years ago, one would have to go to a police station or city hall to get at criminal records, but now with the Internet and sites that let anyone do a background check for $39.99, people's privacy and ability to move past their mistakes and move on with their lives is getting increasingly very difficult to do. The article discusses how many people after making a mistake do not repeat the mistake; it is incorrect to say. "Once a criminal, always a criminal". Read the American Scholar article here, and start a discussion or leave a comment on our Justice Through Music Facebook Page here.  (photo credit: Scott*/Flickr)

By Viktor

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