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Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union Address

Ted Nugent NRA Conv 2012 date

FEB 11, 2013 - Has-been musician and gun nut Ted Nugent has been invited by Teabagger Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) to sit with him during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. In a statement Stockman said, "I am excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House Chamber to hear from President Obama. After the address, I'm sure Ted will have plenty to say." They also said , "Nugent will be available to speak to the media before and after the address." 

We can't wait to hear what mind farts come out of insane mind. JTMP will surely post them, so check back. Read more on Stockman's website here.

Media Matters CNN gives Ted Nugents crazy conspiracy theories too much credit

nugentcnn date

FEB 6, 2013 - Media Matters has a cool post up about how CNN gave way too much credit to gun nut Ted Nugent's crazy conspiracy theory about "Obama taking all our guns". As MM points out, CNN didn't tell Nugent that Obama's Executive Orders do not "take anybody's guns away". Check out the Media Matters article here.

Sinead OConnor was a Magdalene Girl

Magdalen asylum date

FEB 6, 2013 - It turns out that activist-musician Sinead O'Connor, who tried to alert everyone to the Catholic sex abuse by tearing up a picture of the Pope on SNL and was attacked for it, also had another reason to tear the picture; Sinead O'Connor was a Magdalene Sister. For those of you who have not heard about them yet, "Magdalene Sisters" were poor, orphaned or otherwise vulnerable children that were forced by the Catholic Church in Ireland into child slave labor in laundries and other industries. There was rampant child sex abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse. The horrible practice was portrayed in the 2009 documentary, "The Forgotten Maggies", watch a clip below.

Sinead rips into the Pope date

Sinead talked about her ordeal in an Op Ed in The Washington Post and calls the recent "apology" by both the Pope and the Prime Minister of Ireland "hollow". She remarked:

"I experienced this personally. When I was a young girl, my mother -- an abusive, less-than-perfect parent -- encouraged me to shoplift. After being caught once too often, I spent 18 months in An Grianán Training Centre, an institution in Dublin for girls with behavioral problems, at the recommendation of a social worker. An Grianán was one of the now-infamous church-sponsored "Magdalene laundries," which housed pregnant teenagers and uncooperative young women. We worked in the basement, washing priests' clothes in sinks with cold water and bars of soap. We studied math and typing. We had limited contact with our families. We earned no wages. One of the nuns, at least, was kind to me and gave me my first guitar." Read more on WashPo here.  (Photo credits: CC/Eloquence - CC/Wiki)

All girl band in Kasmir Praagaash forced to disband after fatwa from Cleric

Praagaash logo 1 date

FEB 6, 2013 - An all-girl rock band out of Kashmir, "Praagaash", were forced to disband after a top cleric issued a fatwa against them. The 3 girls got scared for their lives and dissolved the group. They were starting to get many supporters, and even a "I Support Praagaash" Facebook page was put up to try and support them, but the pressure and fear was too much. A petition has been started on asking for the cleric to step down. The name of the band, Praagaash, means "first light" in Kashmiri, and they hoped to bring about more freedom for girls and music in their country; but their was a massive backlash against them by conservative and religious Kasmhmiris to what they saw as supposed bad western influence on their culture. Read more on Yahoo news here, including a video with video clips of the band. Watch a small clip of them playing below.

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Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan Would you just leave us the hell alone

FEB 5, 2013 - Teabagger and gun nut mouthpiece (and has-been musician) Ted Nugent told Piers Morgan in an interview that he wants Obama and the government to "just leave us the hell alone". Apparently, we have to solve our gun safety problem with out inconveniencing gun owners in any way shape or form. I don't know if we could do that Ted. Click the link below to watch the full video on 

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