OCT 15, 2012 – One of the longest running bands ever, The Rolling Stones, just released a studio track that dabbles into "politics" in a way, and actually sounds pretty good. Keith Richards has come out with another great riff, and the whole band seems energized and the tune really rocks. The song is called "Gloom and Doom" and I came away after listening to it that they are alluding to conservatives in Europe and America that are crying "gloom and doom" unless we eviscerate entitlements. Mick has still got it, and sings about the economic hardships everybody is facing, and seems to break it down to a common way of looking at it and singing about getting a headache over it all. 

In a pretty cool "lyric" video for "Gloom and Doom" they just released (watch below) they fight back at the conservative's claim that "entitlements are making us broke", by pointing out  that unfunded billions have been spent on unnecessary wars singing, "Lost all that treasure in an overseas war, it just goes to show you don't get what you paid for." Then Mick and the boys take a swipe at the 1% singing, "Battle to the rich and you worry about the poor." In the third verse they even sing out against FRACKING saying, "Fracking deep for, but there's nothing in the sump!" Check out the new video below.

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