OCT 13, 2012 – In an attempt to show balance here at JTMP, I wanted to list the conservative musicians that have come out in support of Mitt Romney, although it seems very short to when compared to Obama. On Romney's site, he starts out with "Lynyrd Skynyrd's Frontman" endorsing him, that being Ronnie's little brother Johnny Van Zandt; but the rest of the musicians in Lynyrd Skynyrd are Obama supporters (and some think Ronnie would be supporting Obama if still alive). Gene Simmons of Kiss has come out vocally in support of Romney, and Kid Rock played at a rally, and one of his songs is used at Romney rallies frequently. Trace Adkins, who is frequently very active in issues and politics, has thrown his support behind Governor Romney; and of course the crazy nutbag Ted Nugent has "endorsed" Romney. 

That's about it, I could only find 5. There may be lesser-known musicians who have come out in support, but as for anybody recognizable I can find only a handful while the list of Obama musician supporters probably number in the hundreds. To read the entire "celebrity list" that endorse Mitt Romney, visit Romney's campaign website here.

By Viktor

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