July 5, 2012 – One of my favorite bands growing up was the Canadian power rock trio (No not Rush, the other awesome power rock trio) Triumph. The power was out here in DC for the past week, and I was listening to my iPad (as the battery drained) to one of their best songs, "Just a Game". As I was listening to the lyrics I thought to myself, "Man, this describes the 1% to a tee!"  With lines such as:

"Wizards of modern age cast spells of electric power
But the corporate strings that make them dance lead up to an Ivory Tower
There sits the Fates in solitude, far from the public eye
No one ever sees them smile and nothing makes them cry

Calm and cool and computerized they calculate and collect
We wait and watch and wonder just which puppet they'll select"

Check out the song below from jnorum13 on YouTube below. (Photo credit: knipil/Wiki)

By Viktor

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