MAY 25, 2012 – Max Ehrlich was a cabaret star in Germany through the 1930s, and was stopped and censored by the rigthwing Nazi brownshirts, and fled Germany. He returned, but then left again after the "Kristallnacht". He fled to Holland, but like many of the people in the arts, he was imprisoned by the Nazis in Westerbork concentration camp. While he was imprisoned there he formed the "Camp Westerbork Theatre Group", which brought some life to an otherwise horrible existence for camp prisoners. Unfortunately in 1944 he was sent Auschwitz and died there. Listen to a recording of him below in a video from jonjamg on YouTube. You can check out Max Ehrlich's legacy on the Max Ehrlich Association, and read more about this extraordinary individual at Wikpedia. (Photo credit: The Max Ehrlich Association)

By Viktor

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