MAY 23, 2012 – Jay-Z has teamed up with Budweiser, and will be holding the 2-day "Made In America" music festival in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1/2), and this event will benefit the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The United Way is hard at work in our communities addressing the cause of the problems in our neighborhoods when it comes to education, income and health. The United Way is out there making sure kids get a good education, graduate, and our communities can be self-empowered to lift themselves up. They help people with housing, finances and savings. They are also out there making sure kids are educated about nutrition and health, and have access to health care in their communities. Check out their great work on their main website by going here.

There will be many acts at the Made In America music festival, Pearl Jam just joined on, and there will be Passion Pit, Skrillex, and more. Check out the festival's site here, and their Facebook site is here. Watch a press conference below with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter,  Jill Michaels from United Way, Budweiser spokesperson Paul Chibes, and Jay-Z announcing the charitable event.

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