MAR 26, 2012 – Willie Nelson, longtime activist musician from Farm Aid to Occupy the Food System, has agreed to take care of 2 severely neglected and abused horses. One named "Whisper" was undernourished when rescued, and had kerosene burns when the bonehead ex-owner tried to cure a fungus. "Whisper", along with a mare called "Traveler", will go into the care of LEARN (Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network), a non-profit in South Carolina that has been a private animal rescue farm for more than 20 years; where they rescue and rehabilitate, and then find the animal a "forever home" where they can live their life out in peace. On their website LEARN says their mission is to "educate our youth, prospective owners, and owners concerning the proper care of animals.  We also support the local Animal Control departments with the care and housing of abused and neglected farm animals. We are dedicated to the management of reported neglect cases and work with law enforcement to insure the animals receive the care and feed needed for optimal health."

Eric Elkins of LEARN told that "Whisper" has gained 25 pounds since arriving at the rescue farm, and his wounds are healing. Check out LEARN's website here. , and don't forget to thank Willie!  (Photo credit:



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