MAR 15, 2012 – A British organization, GIG (Go Inspire Go), hopes to “create a global platform to see and share inspirational stories and experiences”. This collaboration ‘"Uses Social Networking to Inspire Social Change" and they want people to "Use Their Powers — Resources, Talents and Network — to Help Others.”  They do this by making videos of  “inspirational, character-driven stories, about ‘regular people’ who do small acts that ripple out to BIG changes.”

Watch GIG’s new video below, with founder of GIG Toan Lam "having tea" and chatting with British musician Natalie Pryce, who created a safe place for young people to gather, be SAFE, and play music. She also speaks about her activism and giving back to the community. Check out GoInspireGo on the web here, and Twitter @GoInspireGo.

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