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dateWe need your continued support to help us fight for the 99%.  When you make a donation of $25 or more, we will send you a free DVD of the renowned documentary, Dominoes!

Progressive filmmaker John Lawrence Ré has offered us his terrific uncensored 60 minute film, Dominoes – described as a rollercoaster ride through the the Vietnam War years, from Watts burning in 1965 as Black America tried to take back their lives, to the student rebellions around the world in 1968, to the last US helicopter fleeing Ho Chi Minh City in the spring of 1975.  It’s a trip  --  uncannily similar to what is developing this year across the world with the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement --  you won’t want to miss as it plays out against a wall to wall soundtrack featuring Santana, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, BB King, Marvin Gaye and many more.  Check out this clip from the DVD below:

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Glenn Beck Finally Realizes “Born In The USA” by Springsteen Not Jingoism

beck2 date

Conservative Internet/Radio show host Glenn Beck, after listening to "Born In The USA" for over 20 years, finally really listened to the words and realized it was not some right wing patriotic jingoism. He stated, "You get filled with patriotic pride, and then you find out that Bruce Springsteen's 'Born In The U.S.A.' is anti-American." Listen to the entire diatribe below posted by Media Matters.

JTMP Supports Overturning of Citizens United Ruling by Constitutional Amendment

Screen Shot 2011 12 07 at 7.45.06 PM date

Justice Through Music has teamed up with hundreds of non-profit organizations and thousands of concerned America citizens in a coalition to end corporate personhood and overturn the Citizens United Ruling, called Move To Amend. We feel that big corporate money is poisoning our elections and democratic process, and preventing the voice of the American people from being heard by their elected representatives.

We strongly feel that the ruling in the Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission that ruled corporations are persons and entitled by the Constitution to buy our elections and run our government is un-democratic, misguided and wrong and needs to be overturned by a Constitutional amendment by Congress. As we say on the petition website, "We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights."

If you feel the same, and would like to sign the petition asking for Congress to act and overturn this horrible decision by the Supreme Court, and/or you are an organization that wants to join the coalition, please visit the Move To Amend website:

Occupy Music

Justice Through Music is all about music and activism, and on this page you will find all the best Occupy Music. If you have or know of any Occupy Music that the world needs to see, let us know and we will try and get it posted. Rock Your Rights!

Op_Critical: For What It's Worth

Op_Critical: Anonymous

When The Dictator Ran Away - David Rovics

This Playground Is Run By Bullies - David Rovics

PART OF THE 99 - The Employees
TheEmployees 1 date
WE ARE THE 99% - Anonymous Expression

FILM THE POLICE - B. Dolan feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis

filmthepolice BDolan date

I Am a Patriot - Jackson Browne

JacsonBrowne Occupy 2 date

Whose Side Are You On? - Jackson Browne and Dawes

WSAYO JBrowne date

Occupy Broadway

OccupyBroadway date

Trickle Down (Explicit Version) - Sintex Era


Third Eye Blind - If There Ever Was A Time

ITEWAT ThirdEyeBlind date

It's A Liberty Walk! - Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia

LibertyWalk MCyrus date

Occupy Wall Street Anthem - Bruce Springsteen

OccupyAnthem BSpringsteen date

We Are The Many - Makana

WeAreTheMany Makana date

We Stand As One - Joseph Arthur

WeStandAsOne JArhur date

Gogol Bordello

GogolBordello date

Crosby and Nash

cn 1 date

cn 2 date

cn 3 date


Who's The Man? - MK Ultra

WhosTheMan MKUltra date

We Are The 99 - Rick Harris

WeArethe99 RHarris date

The Bottom 99 - Rhiannon Giddens

TheBottom99 RGiddens date

The Economy is Suffering - Justin Sane from Anti-Flag

TEIS JustineSane date

Occupy (We The 99) - Jasiri X

WeThe99 JasririX date

OccuPrint Website Showcases Occupy Art

occuprint1 dateOccuprint is a new website that puts on display artwork inspired by the Occupy Movement, showing the various common threads running through the new movement. A few of the commonalities are anger at the greed of Wall Street and banks, and frustration of the disproportionate access to our elected officials and economic opportunities between the 1% and the 99%. The Citizens United ruling, which gave corporations the same rights as people, is also present on many of the posters, urging citizens (real people) to wake up, get motivated, and get out to fight for their rights.

To view the great artwork click here.


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