Lady Gaga has been very active in speaking out abut LGBT issues, such as Tweeting "Bullying must become be illegal. It is a hate crimeI am meeting with our President, I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey". Jamey Rodemeyer is a 14 year-old who took his life after facing bullying in school for being gay. On September 24, Lady Gaga was live at the iHeartRadio music festival at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and talked to the audience before she performed "Hair", and dedicated the song to Jamey. She said, "I wrote this record about how your identity is really all you’ve got when you’re in school … so tonight, Jamey, I know you’re up there looking at us, and you’re not a victim. You're a lesson to all of us." Watch the performance below.


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