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Anonymous Hacktivists Release Song and Music Video – LYRICIST JINN – #OpCensorThis

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Hacktivists Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have released a song and video they hope will impact the music charts and bring attention to Occupy Wall Street and the overall "Anonymous movement". This  digital activist project, a collaboration between TeaMp0isoN and lyricist Jinn, will donate the proceeds to the East Africa Crisis Appeal. A video was released on YouTube (watch below) and the song on iTunes.

"Remember to like & favourite the video, so it can be featured in the music section on youtube," TeaMp0isoN encouraged its Twitter followers. "Once this hits the charts, radio stations will by law have to play it," the project's manifesto stated. "If they censor the song we will attack the music industry and censor them instead."

Their Manifesto also reads:

"Long have activists and revolutionaries turned to a song to get their message out. Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have collaborated together to continue this tradition. We are going to take youtube and iTunes by storm and flood the song into the world around us, with proceeds going to charities that are actively striving to change it. Once this hits the charts, radio stations will by law, have to play it. Will they thwart the law to continue making sheep out of the people?

If they censor the song we will attack the music industry and censor them instead."


Sting To Play Benefit Concert for Robin Hood Foundation – Talks About Lady Gaga, Music and Activism


Sting appeared on Morning Joe to talk about his upcoming 60th birthday party this Saturday (October 1st) and a benefit concert he will be playing to help the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that in Sting's words does "...fantastic work." (see video below) He added, "They really help underprivileged people in the city, people who lack the basic wherewithal to live, and I think that's a great thing to do."

Sting also talked about how throughout his career he spoke out about the issues he cares about, and made the case for others to speak out saying, "I've always demanded citizen's rights, but you also have to have citizen's responsibilities, and as a citizen of the world if you have a platform to say something useful, then you should use that." Sting has supported many causes over the years, from rain forest preservation, famine and sustainability.

Sting also spoke about Lady Gaga and her activism, and admired how she spoke out saying, "I love the things she says, I love the messages she gives to her audience, very positive messages. I think that is needed. From my point of view, I like people who can speak up and say, 'this is wrong, you should change this', and she's one of those people. She's very outspoken and intelligent."

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JTMP blogged earlier how Robin Hood has already teamed up with the Black Eyed Peas for a benefit concert in New York's Central Park, which will be this Friday, September 30th. Sting's concert will be this Saturday, October 1st, and will be held at the Beacon Theatre. For more information check out the Robin Hood website here. Watch the Sting interview below:


Radiohead Appears on The Colbert Report


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Radiohead, one of the most anti-corporate bands, appeared on The Colbert report on September 26, 2011, and front man Thom Yorke let his feelings known on corporatism. When Stephen Colbert said, "Let's talk about the corporate thing. Why are you so against corporations? They're job creators." Thom replied, "I don't think they spread the wealth, particularly, it tends to go up." 

Radiohead has been know to be so against over-corporatization that in their 2000 tour, they toured with a private tent to bypass corporate sponsor. The 10,000 person capacity hi-tech Kayam tent gave them more control and cut out dealings with corporate sponsors.

Watch a video clip below of the interview of Radiohead:

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