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Occupy Activist Music Video: Zak Smith Band – “Brand New Party”

FEB 15, 2012 – The Zak Smith Band has sent us one of their new music videos containing footage of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park of his new song, "Brand New Party", which pays homage and supports the Occupy movement. Zak hails from New Jersey and in an email to us he says he is a "musician who has a passion for writing about political views and his love of people." Watch the video below, and check out Zak's website here.

Al Jourgensen and Ministry to Have Occupy Protest Song on New Album

DEC 21 – Al Jourgensen and Ministry have revealed the artwork for their new album "Relapse" which will feature a modern day ballad in support of the Occupy movement called "99 Percenters". In an interview with Revolver Mag, Al said, “Putting out this song is the least I could do. We wanted to fly to New York and protest and get arrested and pepper sprayed. But we can’t do it because I got a Christmas deadline on this album. But I’m with ‘em in spirit so the least I could do is give them a chant-along song. I’m going, Hey man, here’s your song. All you gotta do is chant the chorus.”  The chorus that goes, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,99 Percent!" was inspired by the "1,2,3 What are we fightin' for!" in Country Joe's "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag" protest song from the 1960s. The song will be available on iTunes on December 23rd. Below you can watch a exclusive JTMP video of Al and Ministry in Washington, DC in October of 2004, right before the 2004 presidential election.

See the new album artwork and read the interview on Revolver here.

Miley Cyrus Dedicates Music Video to the Occupy Movement

NOV 29, 2011 – Miley Cyrus has released a music video on her YouTube channel, and has dedicated it to the Occupy activists saying, "This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in. Miley Cyrus" Watch the video below.

Joan Baez to Perform Today at Foley Square in NY in Support of Occupy

NOV 11, 2011 – Legendary musical activist Joan Baez swore she would visit the Occupy Wall Street, and now she has kept to her word and has announced she would do a concert today from 1PM to 5PM, the 11/11/11 Veterans Day Concert and the slogan will be, "Honor the Dead, Fight Like Hell for the Living!" Tens of thousands are expected, and speakers will include Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas who became famous for decrying police brutality against unarmed peaceful protesters, and other speakers. At first she wanted to hold the concert in Zuccotti Park, but officials balked at that, and Foley Square was chosen instead. JTMP will post videos of the concert when they are posted, so check back.

Read more on NY Daily News.

JTMP Attends Take Back the American Dream Conference

JTMP is attending the 2011 Take Back the American Dream conference, a gathering of thousands of progressives to energize and mobilize the progressive movement. There will be speeches to fire everyone up and inform, and breakout sessions to strategize and plan on how to best move the progressive platform forward. Check out some pics on our JTMP Facebook site.

The conference will conclude with a huge rally on Capitol Hill calling for "Jobs not Cuts", and PDA, Progressive Democrats of America, will be there calling to "Tax Wall Street and Heal America". We will post footage of the conference daily so check back.

Below is the first ten minutes of the Van Jones speech. For the full 45 minute version, check out the JTMP YouTube Channel.


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