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Teabagger McDaniels Loses, Refuses to Concede

TW SHANNON IN OKLAHOMA LOSES, RANGEL IN TOUGH VOTE COUNT JUNE 25, 2014 – The upstart Teabagger Chris McDaniels lost the 2014 Republican Mississippi primary runoff election last night, but he is refusing to concede and is calling for an investigation “to see if Republicans voted in the Republican primary”. US Senator Thad Cochran beat state senator…


Blogger Arrest in Mississippi Exposes Seedy World of Right-Wing Extremist Blogger Crowd

3 MORE ARRESTS MADE AS CONSPIRACY BROADENS May 23, 2014 – Apparently the right-wing conspiracy is more vast than originally thought. 3 more sleazy Teabaggers were arrested yesterday in the case of Mississippi rightwing extremist blogger Clayton Thomas Kelly, who snuck into the hospice of US Senator Thad Cochran’s wife and took pictures of her. It…

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