Colorlines.com: Las Cafeteras Bring Activism and Good Music to SXSW

MAR 26, 2013 -Today's featured activist musicians that JTMP are spotlighting are Las Cafeteras, who "met in 2005 as students at free Son Jarocho classes at the Eastside Cafe in Los Angeles. The group says they use the folk music from Southern Veracruz, Mexico, as a tool to build autonomy, community and solidarity."

Read more on ColorLines.com here. Watch video of a performance by Las Cafeteras below of the traditional song, "La Bamaba" spiced up to reflect their activism.  (photo credit: LasCafeteras.com)

BoiseWeekly: SXSW – Music Meets Activism When You Get Upset

MAR 18, 2013 – A group of activist musicians took part in a "Raise Your Fists: Music Meets Activism" panel discussion at a recent SXSW event, including Mikel Jollett of The Airborne Toxic Event and Mike Mills of REM and shared their thoughts on how being a musician and an activist can change the world. Mikel Jollett said, "You don't have to be a huge band, you just have to be upset and want to do something."  (photo: Mikel & Anna TATE – Credit: CC/Sake209)

Read more on BoiseWeekly.com here.