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The Flag Comes Down

Cheers Erupt as Symbol of Hatred Finally Removed July 10 2015 – It took 23 days, almost light speed when it comes to this issue down in the South but the “Confederate battle flag”, a symbol of divisiveness and hatred, has finally come down from the grounds of South Carolina’s state grounds. Read more about the crowd…


Musicians React to South Carolina Terrorist Attack

June 22, 2015 – Many musicians took to social media this past week to respond and react to the South Carolina terrorist attack. Taylor Swift took to Twitter and called it an “unbearable loss of life”, Bruno Mars Tweeted, “What’s going on World?”, and John Legend said, “My heart hurts”. Read more on ABCNewsRadio website here. Local…

Lucinda Williams Praises Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Oct 18, 2011 – The Post and Courier out of Charleston, South Carolina has an interesting article out today about Lucinda Wiliams show last night, saying that towards the end of her show she called the Occupy Wall Street movement the most "earnest" thing she has seen since the antiwar movement in the 1960s. She and her band then played "For What It's Worth", the Stephen Stills classic anti-war protest song of the 1960s and a song picked up by some in the Occupy movement. Read the article here.

Here is a HD video of her performing "For What Its Worth" at a Richmond, Virginia show back on July 26, 2011.


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