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Prince to host Rebuild the Dream Event with Van Jones in Chicago

AUG 4, 2012 – Prince is teaming up with Van Jones and Rebuild the Dream to host the "Welcome 2 Chicago" event at one of his upcoming shows. Prince and Van will register and mobilize voters to work for policies that help the middle class. Entrepreneurs, Tech Start-Ups and other people will also be there to teach people how to rebuild our communities. In a statement Van Jones said, “We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with a legend like Prince. Our economic system is broken. Rebuild the Dream exists to unite arts and organize into a potent force to support the Dreams of Our Communities. There are few artists who have Prince’s unwavering commitment to a vision of a sustainable, fair economic future.” Read more here.  (photo credit: CC/Nicolas Genin)

JTMP Attends Take Back the American Dream Conference

JTMP is attending the 2011 Take Back the American Dream conference, a gathering of thousands of progressives to energize and mobilize the progressive movement. There will be speeches to fire everyone up and inform, and breakout sessions to strategize and plan on how to best move the progressive platform forward. Check out some pics on our JTMP Facebook site.

The conference will conclude with a huge rally on Capitol Hill calling for "Jobs not Cuts", and PDA, Progressive Democrats of America, will be there calling to "Tax Wall Street and Heal America". We will post footage of the conference daily so check back.

Below is the first ten minutes of the Van Jones speech. For the full 45 minute version, check out the JTMP YouTube Channel.