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This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry

Music World Mourns The Passing Of Prince APR 22, 2016 – The music world is stunned and shocked at the sudden passing of music maestro Prince, who collapsed yesterday and was found unresponsive, and detail about his death as of this writing remains unclear. JTMP recognizes his absolutely amazing talent, who played dozens of instruments,…


Prince Holds “Rally 4 Peace” Concert in Baltimore

Musician writes new song “Baltimore” that sings, “No Justice, No Peace” May 11, 2015 – Prince, not really known for his activism over his career, dived headfirst into the Baltimore controversy, and played a “rally 4 Peace” concert in Baltimore last night, in a tribute to Freddie Gray and any others who have suffered police brutality and…

Prince to host Rebuild the Dream Event with Van Jones in Chicago

AUG 4, 2012 – Prince is teaming up with Van Jones and Rebuild the Dream to host the "Welcome 2 Chicago" event at one of his upcoming shows. Prince and Van will register and mobilize voters to work for policies that help the middle class. Entrepreneurs, Tech Start-Ups and other people will also be there to teach people how to rebuild our communities. In a statement Van Jones said, “We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with a legend like Prince. Our economic system is broken. Rebuild the Dream exists to unite arts and organize into a potent force to support the Dreams of Our Communities. There are few artists who have Prince’s unwavering commitment to a vision of a sustainable, fair economic future.” Read more here.  (photo credit: CC/Nicolas Genin)

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