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James Taylor “I was motivated by Bush…”

DEC 8, 2012 – James Taylor, who played at the DNC in Charlottesville, NC and was a HUGE supporter of President Barack Obama, held a luncheon at the National Press Club yesterday (DEC 7) here in DC and discussed what motivated him to go out and do all that stump work for Obama to try to get him re-elected. “I was hugely motivated … by eight years of Cheney-Bush," adding that he felt the Iraq war was, "unpardonable. I felt that it was inept, corrupt and opaque.” He called the conservative effort to restrict voting as a "solution without a problem", and cites the need for Republicans to work with the Democrats to help us solve our fiscal crisis. But Mr. Taylor does NOT think raising the eligibility age for Medicare, cutting Social Security or other social programs is the way to solve our crisis. "We may have to over the cliff." Read more on TrailBlazersBlog.DallasNews.com here, and also on Go.Bloomberg.com here.  Thanks to C Larson on YouTube for the video below of James Taylor singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" at the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony he was also in town for. (Photo credit: CC/Paul Keleher)

JTMP Agrees, Lets Tone Down Campaign During Sandy, While FEMA Helps Those in Need

OCT 29, 2012 – JTMP agrees with both Presidential campaigns toning down the politics while Storm Sandy threatens life on the east coast. However, this is also a time to remember how crucial and necessary federal governmental agencies are in times of crisis, and some candidates have been running around saying they would "scrap FEMA", and propose budgets that would cut funding to FEMA and other important and necessary governmental organizations we as Americans relay on. So, let's tone down the campaign, yes….and thank FEMA for being there and being funded by taxes. JTMP calls for more funding for FEMA, and less to civilian defense contractors.

If you need help or you want more information on Storm Sandy from the great and awesome, governmental organization called FEMA, check out their webpage here, and remember issues like FEMA when you go to the voting booth next month. To help those in need, please donate to the American Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/