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Bands Across Borders: Pakistani Band “Strings” Uses Music for Social Change and Peace

Photo of Strings and Indian Ocean. Credit: Aman ki Asha and StringsOnline.net

FEB 21, 2012 – Strings, a Pakistani band that fuses great music and activism together, were recently part of a "Bands Across Borders" concert bringing together Pakistani and Indian musicians and fans in support of peace. The concert was part of an initiative called "Aman ki Asha" which means "Hope For Peace", where they are working for peace and understanding between the people of Pakistan and India. Strings was chosen particularly for their involvement in social issues. Read about the concert here, and check out the Aman ki Asha Initiative website here. Check out Strings in a video below.

Young Pakistanis turn to music to beat bombers

By Agence France-Presse
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 — 10:20 am

LAHORE, Pakistan — Against a backdrop of militant bombs and bullets, wealthy young Pakistanis are turning to the beat of modern music to help bring social change to their troubled Muslim nation.

"I love how when you enter the place, you're completely transformed," said DJ Faisal Big at a recent all-night rave in a brick factory courtesy of London's Ministry of Sound.

"It doesn't feel like Pakistan — definitely not the Pakistan you see on the media."

The one-off Ministry of Sound event cost $100 dollars, an expensive night out in the impoverished country — but the mini-revolution has spread far beyond the brick factory doors.

Organisers persuaded the famous London nightclub, billed as the home of dance music and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, to send over a DJ to lead a club for one night only.

The youth music scene in a deeply conservative Islamic state, dogged by deadly Taliban and Al-Qaeda attacks, is opening up to new influences — offering anger-release and a space for political expression.

The cultural capital of Lahore is centre-stage for young people looking to modern music for a break from stifling militancy and political crises.




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