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JTMP Attends March For Jobs & Justice to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Oct 15, 2011 – JTMP attended the October 15 rally for jobs, justice and DC statehood at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument in DC, which was then followed by a March For Jobs & Justice to the new and soon to be dedicated Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. It was a bright and sunny day in DC and we got some great pics. Check out our photo album from today on our Facebook Album by clicking here.

We will soon be posting video of the event so check back.

Music Activist Video: F**k The Fed by NealF

Musician activist NealF has made a music video called "F**k The Fed" that points out how the Federal Reserve is NOT a government institution like most people think, but actually a group of private banks that have been given the right by our government to print money, loan it to us, and then we pay them back with interest. This is more of the socialize the losses and privatize the gains mentality that angers so many Occupy Wall Street protesters. Watch his great video below.

JTMP Attends Take Back the American Dream Conference

JTMP is attending the 2011 Take Back the American Dream conference, a gathering of thousands of progressives to energize and mobilize the progressive movement. There will be speeches to fire everyone up and inform, and breakout sessions to strategize and plan on how to best move the progressive platform forward. Check out some pics on our JTMP Facebook site.

The conference will conclude with a huge rally on Capitol Hill calling for "Jobs not Cuts", and PDA, Progressive Democrats of America, will be there calling to "Tax Wall Street and Heal America". We will post footage of the conference daily so check back.

Below is the first ten minutes of the Van Jones speech. For the full 45 minute version, check out the JTMP YouTube Channel.


OCCUPY ACTIVIST MUSIC VIDEO: “Anonymous” – Op-Critical and Justice Through Music Project

Justice Through Music teams up with Op-Critical for a song about the "hacktivist" group Anonymous which has been fighting and exposing corrupt governments, organizations and corporations. The music video features scenes from Tunisia to the US Chamber of Commerce, and explores the impact they have had in our society. It even delves into possible future targets that could be targeted by Anonymous. This video is also in support of Occupy Wall Street, and all the other thousands of cities where Occupy movements have sprung up. #occupywallstreet #occupydc #occupykst

The band Op-Critical recorded the song, and it was recorded at The House of Jam Studios and Dave Hanbury (www.houseofjamrecording.com). It was mixed and mastered by Edward Vinatea in New York. The computer animation graphics, including the chess scenes and the moving graphics were done by Brad Dismukes (www.BradDismukes.com), and CR and Dan at the JTMP Studios with additional graphics, and CR editing the video.


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