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Natalie Maines Speaks Out in LubbockOnline Interview

Musical-Activist From Dixie Chicks Speaks Out on Justice and Lack of Support From Her Hometown SEP 19, 2015 – Natalie Maines, outspoken musical-activist and singer for Dixie Chicks, gives a candid interview about her hometown of Lubbock, Texas to a media outlet in Lubbock about the lack of support from the place she grew up. Folks […]


MILLIONS THAT PROTESTED IRAQ WAR ARE NOW VINDICATED JUNE 16, 20154 – With the situation in Iraq descending into total chaos and violence breaking out across Iraq instead of democracy, it seems that Natalie Maines was right after all. President George W. Bush was an idiot to go into Iraq. It was a total mistake […]

Natalie Maines Sings at Texas Statehouse Rally

July 1, 2013 – Musical-activist Natalie Maines, famous of course for her dissing of Dubya back in 2003, joined thousands of activists surrounding the Texas Statehouse building as they protested the attempts by Republican state lawmakers who are currently trying to ram through legislation attacking women's reproductive rights. The Republicans tried to ram it through last Friday, but the great State Senator Wendy Davis mounted an 11-hour filibuster and the midnight deadline passed, and they couldn't get it voted on. Activists were worried that Republicans would once again try and strip away women's reproductive rights in the second special legislative session this week, so they staged a huge rally today featuring musicians, speakers, celebrities, activists, and of course State Senator Wendy Davis. Watch the videos below of Natalie Maines singing the national anthem, and "Not Ready to Make Nice". Read more on the rally on Reuters.com here.

US Magazine: Natalie Maines: “It’s not a thing I wanted to be right about.”

APR 29, 2013 – US magazine has an exclusive interview with Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, and she doesn't regret slamming George W. Bush, and she turned out to be totally right. She of course was attacked by reactionaries in 2003 when she commented at a London concert that she was "embarrassed" that George W. Bush was from her home state of Texas. The group was dropped by many country radio stations, and she comments how she is upset at country radio and how they didn't support them when they exercised their freedom of speech. She is coming out with a solo project that is not country, yet she says she is not doing it because she is upset at the country music industry. Natalie added that "…it's not a thing I wanted to be right about. It's not a good 'I told you so' with all those people losing their lives." Read the entire interview on the US magazine website here.  (photo credit: Ron Baker/CC)