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Artists and the Affordable Care Act Launch Website to Help Artists Get Health Care Insurance Coverage

MAR 11, 2014 – 9 different organizations have come together and launched the website "Artists and the Affordable Care Act" to get artists and musicians informed on what the Affordable Care Act law means, what their options are, and to help them enroll in a health insurance plan. Future of Music Coalition, HeadCount, Young Invincibles and many others have created a "task force" to "help creatives learn more and take action on health care". They point out how US-based artists are less likely to have health insurance then the general public, unsure about the Affordable Care Act, and they are seeking advice.  On their website are great FAQs, and posts about the dozens of events around the country getting musicians informed and signed up for health insurance in seminars, workshops, meetups and other events. Get your health care insurance questions answered and find events on the Artists and the Affordable Care Act website.

MusiCares, Musicians and GetCoveredAmerica Working To Get Every Musician Covered By Health Insurance

MAR 11, 2014 – MusiCares, an arm of the Grammy organization that is dedicated to helping musicians with financial problems and other issues, has teamed up with GetCoveredAmerica.org and their full scale campaign traveling the country to try and get every musician in America covered by health insurance. They are holding workshops and events from California to Florida to get musicians informed on what their options are, why they need health insurance, and most importantly how the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare", makes the process easy and affordable. 

MusiCares is in Florida with GetCoveredAmerica.org for a workshop on March 19, 2014 at Sweat Records to talk to musicians and get them educated and informed on what the new law is, what their options are, and even get them signed up. A local musician's federation, South Florida Musicians, even posted about it on their website. JTMP has found there are thousands of musician federations, musician unions, organizations, bands, musicians and individuals out there working at the grassroots level getting musicians signed up for health insurance, which has always been a problem for musicians to afford and obtain. Read more on Grammy.org's website and find events here, and watch musician Korby talk about how easy, affordable and necessary it was for him to get health insurance coverage under Obamacare in a YouTube video below.

If you are a musician and haven't signed up for health insurance yet, find an event near you at GetCoveredAmerica.org and also visit HealthCare.gov to get informed and sign up!

Carole King Gets MusiCares 2014 Award and Helps Alicia Keys

NOV 6, 2013 – Carole King was on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, talking about MusiCare's 2014 Person of the Year Award she has been honored with, and also how she was in New York to help out Alicia Keys and her awesome non-profit "Keep A Child Alive" getting much-needed health care, food and other assistance to children in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India. The MusiCares Person of the Year award has gone to many fine activist musicians in the past, like Carole's long-time musical partner James Taylor, and also Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. JTMP has some cool clips from Neil Young's 2010 Award Ceremony on our YouTube Channel, including Norah Jones doing "Tell Me Why". Check out all our videos on our JTMP YouTube Channel here

Carole KIng has had a rich life. Born in New York City, she graduated high school at 16, married at 17, and had her first kid at 18. All the while she pushed a very successful songwriting career, and in the end would be involved in hundreds of successful songs. She is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She also got the Gershwin Prize from President Obama recently. In the 1970s she had her breakthrough as a performer in her album "Tapestry". She continues to perform and help out as a musical-activist, and lent her music to the Boston Strong concert to aid the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Check out Carole singing "Sweet Seasons" at the Boston Strong concert on our YouTube Channel here.

Carole King is helping out Alicia Keys with Keys' non-profit "Keep a Child Alive" Black Ball on Thursday. Both activist-musicians want to remind us that children are in much need of health care, food and other necessities of life in places like Kenya and Uganda. This will be the tenth year of Alicia's foundation, and to find out more and to watch past episodes of this great event, check out KeepAChildAlive.org and the Black Ball event page is here. To read more about Carole's MusiCare's award, check out the Grammy MusiCare's website here(photo credit: Michael Borkson/CC)


MusiCares Honors Neil Young as MusiCares Person of the Year

(Photo cedit: Kevin Winter)
, an organization that is part of the Grammy foundation which "provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need", honored Neil Young with their "Person of the Year" award for his philanthropy work and musical legacy. Neil Young and his wife Pegi opened the "Bridge School", an "innovative organization educating children with severe speech and physical impairments", and hold benefit concerts every year to raise funds for the cause.

Many artists showed up to pay tribute to Neil Young and MusiCares, from Sheryl Crow to Elton John, and performed some of his biggest songs. The concert was filmed last January in LA, and is currently playing on VH1 Palladia in HD. It will also be available on Blu-ray DVD soon, and proceeds from the sale will go to MusicCares for their work in helping musicians in times of financial and medical distress.

For some great pictures of the event go here, and here is a video of Lady Antebellum singing "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".


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