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Ukrainian War Song: Lviv activists coming up with unique musical project – Video!

Songs written by soldiers fighting on the frontline in eastern Ukraine SEP 7, 2016 – From Ukraine Today: “The social art project War Songs (in Ukrainian #ПісніВійни) is a large-scale public initiative, which aims to find and professionally record songs created by Ukrainian soldiers who have fought and are still fighting on the frontline in the Donbas…


Babefest 2016 brings music, comedy to politics

Friday August 26th at 8pm you best get yourself to the first inaugural launching of BabeFest at Babeville, (Asbury Hall, 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo). Ani DiFranco will be returning, to headline this must-be-there event. In what has become a critically important presidential election year, this festival of music, comedy and social activism spawned organically out…


Toby Keith, on everything from politics to Swift-ian economics

Last month, 23 years after Toby Keith landed his first hit, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” one of the biggest country songs of the 1990s, he released its unofficial sequel, “A Few More Cowboys.” Keith, 55, was wrapping up production on an as-yet-unscheduled new album, and “I just grabbed the first thing that sounded like a…


MSNBC: How Broadway is Responding to to 2016

VIDEO: Jujamcyn Theater President Jordan Roth joins Morning Joe to discuss how Broadway is responding to the social and political climate of 2016 AUG 2016 – MSNBC has a good clip up about how Broadway is responding to the 2016 crazy election. Watch the very interesting clip at the link below. http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/how-broadway-is-responding-to-2016-737287747988


Random acts of music: Why politics and music rarely connect

In Tena Clark’s pointed opinion, there has never been a good combination of political campaign-meets-music theme. Even when Bill Clinton used Fleetwood Mac’s infectious “Don’t Stop” during his winning campaign, Clark called it “the best of the worst.” Clark should know. The founder, CEO and CCO of DMI Music has spent a lifetime in the…


Politics and pop music: Will frequent adversaries ever come together?

After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made his opening-night appearance to the strains of Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” the group quickly shot out a message to more than 1 million Twitter followers that it was “an unauthorized use at the Republican Convention against our wishes.” But was it illegal? In addition to Queen, the…


Rock ‘n’ Roll campers talk music, social justice at MTSU

The Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp still brings dozens of girls ready to learn new instruments and jam with others at Middle Tennessee State University in its 14th year. But this year, organizers wanted to bring the wider world, with its range of music and its pressing issues, into the camp for its 53 students…


Tim Kaine, Harmonica in Tow, Often Relies on Music as a Mouthpiece

He carries multiple harmonicas in his briefcase. He has played with members of the Dave Matthews Band and the Grateful Dead. And he has been known to show up unannounced at bluegrass jamborees around his home state, Virginia, simply looking to jam. Meet Tim Kaine, vice-presidential candidate, senator, former governor — and mouth organist. His…

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