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Holomodor Genocide Memorial Unveiled in Washington, DC

Stalin Regime in 1932-33 Murdered Millions in Ukraine Through Forced Starvation NOV 9, 2015 – A new memorial was unveiled in Washington, DC this weekend that is dedicated to the millions who died in the Ukrainian Holomodor Genocide┬áthat happened in 1932-33 in Ukraine. Joseph Stalin’s regime, through a forced starvation campaign, seized wheat and land…

Lou Reed Memorial Today

NOV 14, 2013 – The memorial to honor the life and music legacy of Lou Reed will be held today. His Facebook page announced the memorial service will be held at the Paul Milstein Pool & Terrace at Lincoln Center today at from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It will be open to the public, and they say there will be no speeches or live performances. It will feature selections by his family and friends of his music and recordings for all to hear. Recently, many tributes have come from his wife, family, friends, and musicians he has worked with. Rolling Stone posted 20 musicians and their thoughts on Lou and his musical legacy.

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