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Aaron O’Keefe Teaches Kid Band to Rock “46 and 2” by Tool

SEP 27, 2013 – JTMP caught wind of a great music teacher we had to tell you about. His name is Aaron O'Keefe and he runs TWO music academies, Maineville Music Academy and the Lebanon Music Academy, and teaches over 50 students a week…whew. He is getting famous for getting young musical students together, and teaching them to crank out badass rockin' music. In 2011 he led students in cover versions of "The End of Heartache" and "My Curse", two songs from Metalcore band KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. This time out, he managed to create another badass kid band, and this time the song is "46 and 2" by the band Tool. Watch the video of the kid band from Aaron's YouTube Channel below.

HuffPo: Katy Perry and Usher Rock For Military Kids at Inaugural Ball

JAN 21, 2013 – The President and the first lady, Michelle Obama, held a concert for military kids at the Washington Convention Center yesterday. Katy Perry, Usher and more were there to rock for the kids of military families, who go through so much with their father or mother stationed overseas for long periods of time. See some pics and read more about the concert on HuffPo here. Check out a video clip from vnewsvevo on Youtube below.  (photo credit:HuffPo)


Community Builds Music Center for Arabic Kids to Escape Violence

MARCH 20, 2012 – Just outside of Jerusalem is the Madaa Silwan Creative Center. “Madaa” means “horizon” in Arabic, and was founded by Jawad Siyam, who remains the center’s spirit and director. The community built the learning center so young Arabic kids could escape the daily politics and violence, and serve as a refuge for young Arabic kids. At the center they find a quiet library with thousands of books for children, and a computer room where kids who don’t have a computer at home can surf the Internet. There are always learning activities going on. Part of the center is the Silwan Village Music School, where young kids who once had no place to go and no instruments, now have pianos, guitars, violins, cellos, choir and more, depending on which day you come. In an interview for Hareetz.com Ahmad Qareen, a resident of Silwan said, “Until 2007, the children here didn’t have anything. We, some of the neighborhood residents, therefore decided to set up a cultural center. We rented this apartment, and first of all, we opened the music school. At first, 15 children sat on the floor of the small apartment without any musical instruments. Today, we already have 100 students, and there is also a drama club, a mosaics school, a creative writing class, and a summer day camp. There was also a soccer team, until the field was destroyed. And there are courses in English, math and sewing for women.”

The mission of Madaa is to promote non-violence, promote dialogue and empower the community by providing recreational activities, like music, for the youth of Silwan. Qareen added, “First of all, in the children: We can feel a change in them. They have learned to keep the place nice, to behave politely and to keep quiet; they have learned the importance of sticking to a timetable, and also that there is something called the rights of the child. We established the place for them, so they won’t go doing bad things, [like] smoking, and to keep them away from violence.” To read more check out an article on Hareetz.com, and check out the Madda Silwan Creative Center’s website here.

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