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Bruce Springsteen’s Working Class Anthem “Death To My Hometown”, gets help from The Nightwatchman

APR 17, 2012 – Bruce Springsteen, along with Tom Morello aka “The Nightwatchman”, and a 2012 version of the E Street Band considerably larger than before, has come out with a raucous Irish ballad-sounding “fighting anthem” for the working class. (Watch video below!) The song speaks out against towns that have had their factories closed down and their jobs shipped overseas by “robber barons” in the name of profit; which brings death to towns all across America. Families are devastated, homes are lost, and the American dream is kept out of reach. One of the most moving parts of the song is at the break in the middle of the song as Bruce sings out:

“Get yourself a song to sing, sing it till you’re done.
Sing it hard, sing it well. Send the robber barons straight to hell.
The greedy thieves, who came around, ate the flesh of everything they found.
Whose crimes have gone unpunished now, who walk the streets as free men now.
They brought death to my hometown.”

JTMP Gives a Shout Out To American Company Deering Banjos

FEB 1, 2012 – Justice Through Music wants to give a big shout out to Deering Banjos for making a great product here in in the good old USA and supporting American artists and workers with much-needed jobs here at home.  Their banjos are leading a wave of new artists to bring this instrument and its sound to the masses, with recent smash hits by Mumford and Sons (watch video here) and Taylor Swift (watch video below).

So make sure to visit the Deering Banjo website and show some love and support American jobs and workers!


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