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Man Becomes “Alive Inside” After Listening To Music From His Era

APR 13, 2012 – A new documentary, "Alive Inside", follows Dan Cohen around as he travels to around to nursing homes in America and plays music from their era for elderly patients suffering from dementia, and incredibly the people who before didn't respond either physically or verbally are magically transformed by the music and become animated, and suddenly move around and become very vocal. The film is produced and directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett, and is commissioned by the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and will premiere on April 18th.

The documentary hopes to shed light on the experience on what not many of us talk about; the alienation of the elderly at nursing homes. The filmmakers also want to explore the issue of what compounds it and makes it worse, dementia. The WHO predicts that worldwide dementia cases will triple by 2050. They say the film "tells the story of hope and beauty in a place where they are hard to find". Check out the film's website here, and watch a clip of Henry below coming alive as he listens to Cab Calloway and other music from his era, and watch the awakening or "quickening", and even the spiritual magic as he describes God and love coming into him as he listened to the music.

Neil Young was working with Steve Jobs on the next generation iPod

Feb 1, 2012 – Neil Young was working with Steve Jobs shortly before his death on the possible type of music file to be used on the next generation iPod musical device. Young was trying to convince Steve Jobs that High Resolution Audio files, instead of MP3 or even the iTunes AAC files, sounded more real and life-like, and sounded as close as possible as it it did to the artist in the studio and should be used in the digital world. The issue is those files are much larger, and portable devices are limited by their storage size. Perhaps Young was urging Jobs to concentrate on getting the largest storage device possible in the next models of iPods to come out. Read more on FoxNews.com here.

Meanwhile, if you are like me and get dizzy trying to figure all this audio file technogeek stuff, here is a good article on PC Magazine that explains it all nicely.
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