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War Against Whaling Rages On…

Sea Shepherd’s Work Successful Regardless of Legal Problems and Grounded Leader JAN 2, 2015 – The war against commercial whaling that has been going on for decades, continues on in 3 TV episodes in┬áDiscovery Communication’s “Whale Wars” on the Animal Planet channel tonight at 8 PM EST.┬áNo other Whale Wars episodes are scheduled for next […]

Ted Nugent sides with Bushmasters during our National Tragedy, is fired by Discovery Channel

DEC 18, 2012 – Ted Nugent, one of the leading Teabagger mouthpieces, Tweeted after the news broke of the national tragedy in Connecticut that "we take our kids huntin so we dont hafta hunt our kids", and has (no pun intended) stuck to his guns and continues to voraciously and vocally support the rights of Bushmasters to be in our communities, rather than side with the families who want to protect their children. RawStory.com reports that Discovery Channel announced they have canceled the "Ted Nugent's Gun Country" TV show, along with another unrelated show "American Guns". One wonders about the "Sons of Guns" TV gun show and it's future. I say we rethink this whole thing about these death machines being "entertainment". Hitler ruined the toothbrush mustache, and Lanza ruined assault weapons as "entertainment". Take up another hobby, do a different TV show. JTMP fully supports bringing back the assault weapons ban, closing the "gun show loophole", and other measures to make our communities safer and reduce the chance, even if slightly, of a tragedy like this one.