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The Thin White Duke Passes

David Bowie Fought Cancer Secretly For Last 18 Months JAN 11, 2016 – Music legend David Bowie has passed away last night, after secretly battling cancer for the last 18 months. David Bowie’s career spanned over 4 decades of music, acting, and inventing the “glam-rock” movement. Time and time again he re-invented himself and was a…


Bassist Jack Bruce Passes

OCT 27, 2014 – The music world and JTMP are mourning over the loss of a music legend, bassist Jack Bruce. Jack was of course known for 1/3 of the revolutionary and groundbreaking music from the group Cream, along with Ginger Baker on drums and Slowhand, Eric Clapton, on guitar. In 1966 Eric and Ginger…


Poet Maya Angelou Dies at 86

MAY 28, 2014 – Poet Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86 at her home in North Carolina. She was an American treasure, and brought the richness of word and poetry to millions, and will be forever remembered. JTMP joins in the days long mourning and remembrance of her that will surely go…

Clive Burr, Drummer for Iron Maiden, Dies From MS at 56

MAR 14, 2013 – In more sad news to report, JTMP has learned that Clive Burr, the drummer for Iron Maiden on the first 3 landmark albums, and who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for years, has died. His family and band mates are saddened and stunned by the event, for they deeply cared about the drummer, and were even helping him financially through benefit shows and a foundation to help with his rent and medical bills. MS is a terrible disease, and qualifies one for medical marijuana in many jurisdictions. JTMP calls for more funding for research into eliminating MS, and helping out people who are struck down, through no fault of their own, by this disease. Read more on this sad event on the Iron Maiden website.  (photo credit IronMaiden.com)

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