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David Rovics Pens “Government Shutdown”; Asks “Why Don’t We Shut Down The Military Too?!”

OCT 9, 2013 – One of JTMP's favorite activist musicians is David Rovics, who is a huge part of Occupy DC, and he has penned another great activist song about the Teabaggers shutting down the government. It's called "Government Shutdown", and it points out the total hypocrisy of how the Teabaggers want to shutdown parts of the government, and decrease spending…but of course we won't touch the corporate welfare subsidies or cut military spending one thin dime. He asks the great question. "Why don't we shut down the military too?" Check out David's new song in his YouTube video below.

Occupy DC HD Music Video – David Rovics “When the Dictator Ran Away”

OCT 28, 2011 – JTMP was at Occupy DC recently, and we got to catch a great activist musician known as David Rovics performing in Freedom Plaza. David is currently touring many Occupy cities and performing, and is a very active participant in the Occupy movement and music activism. Here is his song, "When the Dictator Ran Away" below in HD:

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