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Here&Now: Country Music and Politics Go Arm in Arm

Nashville Music Industry Professor Don Cusic Interview MAR 8, 2016, Nashville’s music industry professor Don Cusic gives an interview to WBUR public radio, and in it he discusses country music and when it intersected with politics, such as Merle Haggard’s “Okie From Muskogee” or Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. Listen to the fascinating segment…

Westboro Baptist Church Protest Country Music Stars Vince Gill and Blake Shelton

SEP 27, 2013 – They have been picketing pop star concerts like Lady Gaga recently, but now Westboro Baptist Church has been picketing the concerts of country music artists lately, over the issue of divorce and remarriage. In their sick and twisted logic, the reason why gay marriage is being legalized across the land is because both Vince Gill and Blake Shelton got divorced and then remarried, and that leads to Sodom and Gomorra, civilization crumbles, yadda yadda yadda. We have had legal gay marriage here in DC for years, and the sky has not fallen.

During a Kansas City, MO concert on September 11, 2013, Vince Gill confronted and talked to the protesters outside the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The vile protesters were saying that "Jesus spoke against divorce…", but Gill responded by pointing out how Jesus also talked about "forgiveness, about grace. You guys have one of that." Read more on ChristianPost.com here.

Last Wednesday, when WBC announced they were going to picket Blake Shelton's concert because he divorced his first wife and remarried Miranda Lambert, he Tweeted back, "Blow Me". So it looks like Blake won't be taking any crap from WBC and maybe even takes a stand for equality and NOH8! JTMP will post any more country music star concert protests as they happen, so check back. Comments? Start a conversation on our JTMP Facebook Page.

Taylor Swift to Take Fan Fighting Cancer to ACM Awards as Her “Date”

FEB 27, 2012 – Kevin McGuire, a Taylor Swift fan, doesn't get to have Taylor Swift as his prom date, he'll have to settle for a date with Taylor at the next American Country Music Awards show. Kevin is fighting cancer for a second time, and his sister Victoria launched a Facebook campaign to get Taylor to go to the prom with Kevin. Taylor saw the campaign and responded on her Facebook page with a message. So far, 117k+ have "Liked" it:

Here is a local news report interviewing Kevin about the whole thing:

(photo derivation – credit: dephisticate/Flickr)

Country Music Star Chely Wright Weds Partner

Chely Wright (left) and her partner and now wife, Lauren Blitzer

Country music star Chely Wright, who "came out" and revealed to her fans she was a lesbian in 2011, has wedded her partner Lauren Blitzer in Connecticut. Her career suffered as a result of her coming out, and she said in an interview with the LA Times that "[Fans] would rather you were a drug addict than be gay. They will forgive you if you beat your wife, lose your kids to state, get six divorces, make a sex tape, get labeled as a tramp — any and all of it is better than being gay."

She was also in North Carolina on September 13th to battle against proposed legislation that will ban gay marriage, teaming up with Equality North Carolina. The state legislature approved the measure by one vote (30-16) achieving the 3/5 needed, and the proposed amendment will be on the ballot in the May primary. Chely had said the North Carolina's proposed marriage amendment is “not about preserving the sanctity of marriage … Rather, this measure is about tearing down the sanctity of human dignity. It is that full humanity that God places in the gay and lesbian individual as he does us all. And it is the full humanity that he wants us to recognize and embrace rather [than] reject, condemn and demean."

Read more on Equality North Carolina's website, and here is a video statement by Ms. Wright in support of LGBT civil rights:


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