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Ai Weiwei Brings New Exhibition to Brooklyn Museum

FEB 26, 2014 – Chinese activist-artist-musician Ai Weiwei will be bringing his new activist-art exhibit, "Ai Weiwei: According to What?" from April 18 through August 10, 2014 to the Brooklyn Museum. His exhibit will speak out about his illegal incarceration by the Chinese authorities for 81 harsh days with six iron boxes, and other pieces not seen in North America, and some pieces have never been seen before. Read more about the exhibit on the Brooklyn Museum website here.  (photo credit: Hafenbar/CC)

Wu Fei Blends Chinese and American Folk Music, Struggles With Oppressive Chinese Government

JAN 9, 2014 – Wu Fei, who specializes in traditional Chinese music, blends Chinese and American folk music with her two band mates of Wu Force, Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch. She plays the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng (similar to a zither), Abigail plays the banjo, and Kai plays keyboards and trumpet. Wu Fei resided in the US for years attending Mills College, and in a NashvilleScene interview she talks about her Chinese government back home and how they oppress musicians and will not let them play whatever they want. The Chinese government even criticized Wu Fei for taking part in a Chinese-European culture exchange. Read more about this fascinating musician and her band Wu Force on NashvilleScene.com here.  (photo credit: wufeimusic.com)

Ai Weiwei strongly criticizes China’s government in new “Dumbass” video

MAY 23, 2013 – Chinese musical-activist Ai Weiwei has released his new music video to his activist song "Dumbass" and strongly criticizes the Chinese government. In the video, Ai is jailed, hooded and is abused by the Chinese state power for speaking out politically similar to when he was jailed for 81 days for speaking out politically back in 2011. Naturally, China has blocked the video. The video is filled with heavy metal screeching guitars and obscenity screaming against the oppression in China that censors and punishes free speech. In a statement Ai Weiwei said, “People who are detained suffer traumas, and those who detain us know this very well. This is why we are secretly detained, blindfolded, cuffed, not allowed to meet with lawyers and relatives. I had been thinking about how to recover from the trauma. And I came up with the idea of using music to convey a sentiment that is tremendously secret, and private, to the public." Watch the video below.

China tightens rules on concerts after Elton John show

FEB 17, 2013 – China has tightened its rules on concerts after Elton John dedicated his Beijing concert to Chinese activist Ai Weiwei. Elton John met with Ai Weiwei before the show and Tweeted, "I super like him!". But Chinese officials wrote an Op Ed on Global Times condemning him saying, "John's action will also make the relevant agencies further hesitate in future when they invite foreign artists. John himself is a senior entertainment figure, but has raised difficulties for future arts exchanges between China and other countries."

Read more about this on the UK Guardian website, and read the entire editorial on Global Times, and find out more about Ai WeiWei on his Wikipedia Bio page.  (photo credit: CC/Hafenbar)

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