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Wu Fei Blends Chinese and American Folk Music, Struggles With Oppressive Chinese Government

JAN 9, 2014 – Wu Fei, who specializes in traditional Chinese music, blends Chinese and American folk music with her two band mates of Wu Force, Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch. She plays the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng (similar to a zither), Abigail plays the banjo, and Kai plays keyboards and trumpet. Wu Fei resided in the US for years attending Mills College, and in a NashvilleScene interview she talks about her Chinese government back home and how they oppress musicians and will not let them play whatever they want. The Chinese government even criticized Wu Fei for taking part in a Chinese-European culture exchange. Read more about this fascinating musician and her band Wu Force on NashvilleScene.com here.  (photo credit: wufeimusic.com)

Hip-Hop Blog Collateral Damage in Government’s “War On Piracy”?

With all this talk about SOPA and PIPA, JTMP has learned that the hip-hop blog site OnSmash.com, a site featuring agents and promotional music, was shut down by the government in November of 2010, with an affidavit alleging it had facilitated copyright infringement. The founder soon opened up a new domain, FreeOnSmash.com. Some are saying this is an example of collateral damage in the government's overzealous "war on piracy".

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