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Kid Rock, Pit Bull, Dave Matthews and Stevie Wonder Help Out Nominees

NOV 4, 2012 – Several musicians are helping out the Presidential nominees, from Kid Rock in everywhere for Romney, to Stevie Wonder in Ohio, Dave Matthews everywhere, and Pit Bull in Florida for Obama. Musicians tend to draw a few more people out, provide music to the crowd and help energize the base. Katy Perry has been using her concerts to rally support for Obama, even wearing skin tight ballots and "Forward" signs.

Larry Iser on Politico: Ask Musicians Before Using Their Songs For Political Campaigns

July 6, 2012 – Larry Iser, a music attorney who has been involved in many copyright cases, has an Op-Ed in Politico this morning about political campaigns getting into hot water for using a musician's music who does not agree with the candidate's policies. Seems Mitt Romney was using K'naan's song "Wavin' Flag" and was told to please cease and desist last February during the Republican primaries, along with Newt and others for other songs. Mr. Iser stresses to the candidate's and their campaigns to ASK FIRST, and respect the copyrights of the artists. Check out the Politico article here. (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

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