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U2’s Bono opens up about politics and issues with Charlie Rose

MAY 23, 2013 – Musical-activist Bono from U2 discusses politics and issues in an interview with Charlie Rose back on May 16, and Bono talks about AIDS and Africa; and even praises conservatives like George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rica and Jesse Helms and how they got America to provide antiretroviral medicines for over 8 million people in Africa and forgiving  African debt. Bono has been doggedly trying to work with both conservatives and progressives, wanting to bring everybody to a "radical canter". He rankled his bandmate Edge by meeting with Helms, because Edge points out how Jesse Helms and other conservatives constantly hack the budget for the arts. Check out the whole Charlie Rose interview of U2 here.

JTMP Joins Bono and Alicia Keyes in Support of World AIDS Day

DEC 1, 2011 – JTMP joins musicians Bono and Alicia Keyes in support of World AIDS Day and the "beginning of the end of AIDS". Bono appeared on The Daily Show last night promoting his One & (Reds) campaign and announcing that today will be the "beginning of the end of AIDS", a disease that has affected millions of people worldwide. There will be many events today, and JTMP supporters can watch the event LIVE on the One campaign's website by clicking here. They want to call attention to the great work that has been done to fight AIDS in the last 10 years, and urge everyone to keep the fight up. Bono, Alicia Keyes and President Clinton along with others will all be raising awareness on this issue today.

Watch Bono and Alicia talk about World AIDS Day on GMA this morning, sport a red ribbon, and join us in the quest to rid the world of AIDS. Follow the action on Twitter at @ONECampaign, and follow JTMP at @JTMPorg.


The Edge, Bono and more celebrate 10 years of the Clinton Foundation

Oct 16, 2011 – Musicians and stars, such as The Edge, Bono, Usher and more gathered in Hollywood to celebrate 10 years of the Clinton Foundation making a difference in the world. Kenny Chesney, Lady Gaga, K'Naan, and Juanes also performed to celebrate the former President's 65th birthday. Watch moments from the show, including a nervous moment for President Clinton when Lady Gaga channeled Marilyn Monroe. 

President Clinton started his foundation "with the mission to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment, by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and private citizens — leveraging their expertise, resources, and passions — to turn good intentions into measurable results." To find out more about the Clinton Foundation, click here.

To watch replay clips from the show click here, or watch the video below.