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Obama to Syrian Citizens: “We are with you, Assad Regime must come to an end.”

FEB 6, 2012 – President Obama has issued a strong statement against the Assad regime and its brutal tactics it has perpetrated on its own citizens, and saying to the Syrian people, "We are with you, and the Assad regime must end." The statement goes on to describe how Assad has been killing citizens, and he has lost all legitimacy to rule. President Obama also calls on the nations of the world through the UN to act, telling the council it "now has an opportunity to stand against the Assad regime's relentless brutality and that it is a credible advocate for the universal rights that are written into the UN charter."

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JTMP Supports Syrian Opposition and Calls For Assad To Step Down

JAN 31, 2012 – JTMP supports the civilian Syrian opposition and calls for President Bashar al-Assad to step down. Assad's security forces have used brutal tactics on peaceful civilians, that have called for major reforms and more freedom. Assad has been widely accused of major human rights violations in trying to hold on to power. JTMP believes that the only way to peace is for Assad to step down, and the people of Syria form a new government that represents them and secures their human and civil rights. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended a UN debate on a resolution calling for President Assad to step down, Josha Hersh on HuffPo has a great post up about it here.

For more news and information on the Syrian opposition and current events, check out The Syria Monitor, a site ran by CLIME, an organization supporting individuals and civic groups spreading democratic values of liberty and tolerance in the Middle East. Check out the Center for Liberty in the Middle East website here.
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