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Wiz Khalifa Detained in LAX for Riding Hoverboard

Rapper Tweets: “[Cops] Love Saying Stop Resisting” AUG 24, 2015 – Rapper Wiz Khalifa was whisking his way through LA International Airport on his cool, new, high-tech “Hoverboard”¬†when LAX police told him to “get off” and he refused. He was wrestled down to the ground and detained for a while by airport security, and Khalifa…

R&B Singer Raheem DeVaughn Arrested at Supreme Court Protesting Corporate Influence in Politics

R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn was arrested, along with Professor Cornell West and 17 others, as he marched from Occupy DC Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court steps. It is unlawful to protest on the Supreme Court steps, so after being warned 3 times the police moved in and arrested them. The next morning the judge set them all free, and Raheem said even though he was shocked at the prison system and he described it as, "modern day slavery", said the guards were all supportive and treated them well.

Read a great article about the whole event on MTV.com.

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