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OCCUPY ACTIVIST MUSIC VIDEO: “Anonymous” – Op-Critical and Justice Through Music Project

Justice Through Music teams up with Op-Critical for a song about the "hacktivist" group Anonymous which has been fighting and exposing corrupt governments, organizations and corporations. The music video features scenes from Tunisia to the US Chamber of Commerce, and explores the impact they have had in our society. It even delves into possible future targets that could be targeted by Anonymous. This video is also in support of Occupy Wall Street, and all the other thousands of cities where Occupy movements have sprung up. #occupywallstreet #occupydc #occupykst

The band Op-Critical recorded the song, and it was recorded at The House of Jam Studios and Dave Hanbury (www.houseofjamrecording.com). It was mixed and mastered by Edward Vinatea in New York. The computer animation graphics, including the chess scenes and the moving graphics were done by Brad Dismukes (www.BradDismukes.com), and CR and Dan at the JTMP Studios with additional graphics, and CR editing the video.


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